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  • Boost

    Oxygenated Destainer Sanitiser

    Designed for a wide range of applications where bleaching and sanitisation is required. A versatile powder ideal for use in commercial machines, soaking and spot cleaning.


  • Ice

    Laundry Conditioner and Sour

    Conditioner and sour in one. Softens hard finished materials, reduces static electricity, linting and alkalinity in the rinse cycle leaving garments smelling and feeling clean and fresh.


  • Light and Bright

    Premium Laundry Powder

    An oxygenated powder activated to aid in destaining and sanitising. Suitable for use in front and top loading machines.

    Light and Bright

  • Lightning

    Commercial Laundry Breakwash

    Concentrated alkaline breakwash. Especially effective on stubborn and oily soils.


  • Snow

    Chlorinated Destainer and Sanitiser

    Concentrated chlorine solution designed to bleach, sanitise and destain white garments and linen. Use as a soaker or through an automatic dispensing system.


  • Storm

    Commercial Water Conditioner

    Concentrated water softening agent designed to dissolve minerals including calcium and magnesium from hard water. Will also improve the effectiveness of cleaning products.


  • Thunder

    Laundry Main Wash Detergent

    A concentrated laundry builder with degreasing capability.


  • Twilight

    Laundry Liquid

    High quality concentrate which removes stubborn stains in either hot or cold water. Brightens fabrics and leaves a light fresh fragrance. Suitable for all types of machines including front loaders.


  • Vanquish

    Laundry Solvent Emulsifier

    Non flammable solvent based laundry emulsifier designed to remove oils and stubborn stains. May also be used as a spotter for pre-wash stain removal.